Hill Hounds

Meet Our Board

The Board of Hill Hounds possesses a collective 40+ years of  hands on rescue experience. We are dedicated to saving the lives of those who do not have a voice.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France 

President: Tammy Darrow

Nine years ago Tammy knew nothing of the horrors of puppy mills. Like many others, she purchased a puppy from the local pet store. Learning of his origin was eye opening to her. In an effort to make a difference to those trapped in that life, Celebrating Pugs was birthed.

Tammy has been self-employed since 1990. Her business experience has aided her in growing several successful businesses, one of which was sold to Viacomm. Her business sense and vision for our rescue has allowed her to assemble a strong team that is committed to being a voice for those who have none. She is a strong leader that is confident in the strength, beliefs and actions of her team … a team that has aided in the rescue of approximately 5000 animals to date.

Always looking for new ways to help animals and creating new programs, Tammy extends a hand to those in need while reaching out to those who would like to help further rescue efforts by donating of their time and talents to save a life.

Tammy oversees the rescue and programs of Hill Hounds. She, and her family, share their home with their personal dogs and cats, and fosters.


Vice President: Joe Darrow

With a strong background in commercial construction, Joe has spent 30+ years in almost every aspect of the contracting industry. Most recently he served as a project estimator and superintendent, building large commercial complexes. He has strong organizational and management skills. Joe has always had a deep love for animals and has aided in the rescue of dogs to alligators while living in Florida. He currently fosters pups and cats on his rural property.


Treasurer: Tracie Kovach, CPA

As a Certified Public Accountant, Tracie possesses the strong fiscal qualities that a successful Non-Profit Organization requires. For the last 20+ years Tracie has overseen several successful businesses in the transportation industry. Her business sense coupled with her transportation expertise makes her an asset to our organization. Tracie, along with her husband Steve, foster felines.


Secretary: Tami Beecher

Tami has been the owner & operator of an antique store for nearly two decades. In this role she serves as the office manager, website, manager, and personnel coordinator. Drawing from this managerial and customer service experience, Tami oversees the Celebrating Pugs program. She works to ensure that the rescued animals are respected and placed into a foster environment that will allow them to thrive. Tami describes animal rescue work as life changing, for the dogs saved, for the people who adopt them, and for all of the volunteers who help to make good adoption matches possible.

Tami 1

Karen Rudolph

Now retired, Karen has 40+ years of experience in business, many as a high level manager for one of the largest insurance companies in the US. She was responsible for managing a staff, handling lawsuits, and directing defense attorneys. Karen has impeccable organizational abilities along with excellent presentation and communication skills. She is experienced in saving animals from high skill shelters as well as animal transport coordination, and Karen has aided in shutting down large puppy mill operations and assisting with other abuse and hoarding type cases across the eastern seaboard.


Scott Messinger

Scott is the owner of a successful chain of optical stores in the northeast. Known for the beautiful beagle on his tailfin, he has flown in excess of 3000+ dogs and cats to safety.

On the side of Scott’s plane you will find the words our rescue strives to live by: It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue.


Allison Ostrowski

Allison is a graduate level instructor of communication and research methodology and also oversees compliance reporting for an institution of higher education. A dedicated animal rescuer, she has expertise with coast to coast ground transportation, animal rescue fundraising, and organizing events to benefit animal welfare organizations. She also operates the Hairy Haven program with her husband, Michael, and they share their home with the elderly canine and feline sanctuary residents.



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